An epic checklist to follow before moving out of your house


Moving out of your home is never easy. It can be a stressful time regardless of how prepared or organized you think you are. Having an experienced real estate agent like Rajinder Dhutti by your side can help you make your move go more smoothly. In fact, experts like Dhutti have handled many closings like yours. (What do you mean by closings??).Their professional knowledge and experience make them effective at spotting potentially troublesome housing situations and shielding you from unwanted problems.

1. Forwards your mail:

Prior to moving out of your house and moving into a new one make sure to change your address in the post office and bank if you haven’t already. Likewise, change your address online on the apps that you use and other government sites. Moreover, make sure to fill out the necessary paperwork. It might also be a good idea to leave your new address to the individuals that will be staying in your previous house; this will be helpful just in case any box, parcels, or gift gets delivered to your old address.

2. Disconnect the utilities:

Let the companies that take care of the electricity, gas, sewer, cable, garbage know about your move. Give them the dates to discontinue their services and clear out your bills before moving out.

3. Homeowners insurance:

Even if you have taken a new homeowner’s insurance policy for your new home, your insurance agent might not necessarily discontinue the coverage for your previous home. If you have more than one insurance agent, be sure to notify them about your move and make changes in your insurance accordingly.

4. Pack smartly:

Instead of moving around your stuff as is, it is better to put them in boxes. While packing and loading the boxes in a large vehicle such as a truck, keep in mind that the box you put in first will be the last one to get out. Real estate experts like Rajinder Dhutti suggest that it may be a good idea if individuals move color coordinate and pack their stuff according to the order of their new rooms. Likewise, using a numbers and labels coordination system in relation to various rooms in one’s new home may prove to be beneficial and may allow for individuals to move efficiently and systematically.

Pro-tip: Pack a small separate box of the supplies you will need for a day or two until you get settled in your new home to avoid rummaging through the boxes every time you need something.

5. Do a deep clean:

The house might look squeaky clean to you from the outside but wait until you move the heavy appliances like the refrigerator or cupboards. The spots under and behind them may have never seen the light of day since you moved in. For this purpose, keep in a few cleaning essentials by your side like rags, cleaning sprays, a vacuum, and a mop. Even if the transaction was short scale, clean your home like you have a security deposit at risk. Certain contracts also mention terms like “broom and clean” to specify the condition in which the house must be handed over to the new buyer.

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