7 Things nobody tells you before moving into a new home


There are some difficulties specific to a new home-buyer that nobody wants to run into. To help out, we’ve compiled the top 7  things that every new home buyer should know, but nobody talks about. Read on to find out what you should be aware of when moving into a new house. 

Treat your visit like your inspection-

When you go house hunting, make sure to carefully check every house you visit. When the house is customized and decorated with paintings, showpieces, furniture etc, it is at its best. Pay attention to the walls, the roof, the sink leaks or a broken closet door during your visit. Treat your home visit like a home inspection to avoid any unpleasant surprises.  

Get everything in writing-

We know the contracts of purchase and sale are lengthy and difficult to grasp. But it is crucial to pay close attention to all the clauses mentioned before signing them. Make sure you are aware of and agree to all the rules and regulations to not unknowingly violate any of them in case of a strata property. If you own a pet, then ensure that that member of your family is welcomed in the environment of your new neighbourhood. If there is any damage to the property, make sure that you have that fault written in the contract of purchase and sale to avoid any complications in the future.  

You’ll have second thoughts-

With the staging cleared away, the home might look smaller than you remember. The cracks or scratches that you didn’t see before can look more noticeable. But remember that this is totally normal. Fear not-you’ll fall back in love with the house in no time.

You are entitled to get the house in the same condition-

This is something a lot of new home buyers don’t know about. You should know that you are entitled to the house in the exact same condition as it was on the day you bought it. The seller is held accountable for any damage caused to the house after the day you purchased the house. You can legally ask the home seller to fix the damages for you.  

Many get their home in a broom-swept condition-

Many home-buyers get it written in their contract of purchase and sale that the house should be delivered to them in a broom-swept condition. This saves you from hiring cleaners or doing it yourself. However, if you need the house in the broom swept condition, then make sure it is incorporated in the contract of purchase and sale. 

Test everything on the day of closing- 

We know how excited one can be on the closing day, however, it is crucial that you check everything under the roof on that day. The closing day is the last day that the seller can be held accountable for any new damages done to the house. So make sure to test the heater, the dishwasher, washing machine, check the walls and leakages on your closing day. Because if you find out that dishwasher does not work on the next day, you will have to pay for fixing it.

Your Realtor ® can do more for you than you think- 

A good Realtor ® does more than you think. A good Realtor will help you in more than just house hunting. Actually, house hunting is just the beginning of all that a Realtor ® does. A reliable Realtor is the one who determines the market value, prepares the offer for you, coordinates with the lawyer and the seller on your behalf, attends and assists the home inspection, negotiates terms that protect you and be with you till the closing day (and beyond if she/he’s really good) 

If you are a first-time home buyer and feel intimidated by all the dos and don’ts you are finding on the internet, you can read our other blog to get a complete idea of the home buying process. 

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