5 self-help tips to sell your home faster


While buying a property is a difficult task, selling one is not easy either. Without proper help, sometimes it takes several months, even years to find a genuine buyer and a good deal. To make your home selling journey fruitful and easy, it is important to find the best real estate agent in your region like Rajinder Dhutti. Rajinder Dhutti has specialized in real estate for many years in the Fraser Valley and his remarkable knowledge and skills in the field of real estate has given him the title as one of the best real estate agents in the region. To begin the selling process and to make your home selling journey faster and better, you can start by reading Dhutti’s “5 self-help tips”.

1 Understand the market trends

For someone entering into the real estate world as a seller, it is important to gain an understanding of the current market trends. It will help you understand the property rates in your vicinity and set your rates right. This will save you from a lifetime of regret of having sold your home for a lesser price. You can take help from realtors in the Fraser Valley or do a solo analysis on the prices of properties in your area. You can compare those properties with your home. Depending on how higher or lower the prices are than your home, you can set an appropriate selling price.

2 Set the right price

The price of your property depends upon a lot of factors such as the locality it is situated in, the features, facilities and amenities it comes with; likewise, the carpet area and interior design it comes with. Just because your property is old, it does not mean you have to settle for a lower price. On the other hand, if you like your home, it does not mean you can set its price exorbitantly. Learn to keep the pricing reasonable and do not rush into selling your property.

3 BHK proportion

It is observed that the number of bedrooms in your home play a role in selling it faster. Small families with working professionals often tend to buy or rent a 2 BHK. Making 2 BHK houses and apartments the most popular and fastest selling types of properties. 2 BHK homes are perfect for people looking to buy a property as an investment as it sells fairly quickly. However, people that aim to build a family in their home go for a 3 BHK house.

4 List your property

Take your house where your sellers are. Make sure you list your property on the leading real estate websites online. Listing your property on such platforms along with some help from a professional realtor like Rajinder Dhutti will help your property gain exposure to a larger target audience.

5 Do your own research

A little help from a knowledgeable realtor can go a long way. A realtor can help you with setting your price right, give you valuable insight into the market trends and connect your property to genuine buyers. A realtor like Rajinder Dhutti not only provides extraordinary knowledge to those who want to sell their properties, but has exceptional negotiating skills as well. Dhutti will definitely help you get the best deal for your property in no time.

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